Calibrate Energy


Air Source Heat Pumps are the most commonly used method of heating (or cooling) available to the Renewables Energy market. They are the most cost effective to  
install and run, also they qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. 
With conventional fossil fuel systems, 1kw of input energy provides less than 1kw of output energy, however with an Air Source Heat Pump for every 1kw of electrical input energy gives us between 2.8 – 4.7kw of output energy. 
The most simplistic way to think of an Air Source Heat Pump is like a fridge, but in reverse. While the internal part is getting cold the external rear of the fridge is getting warm, now reverse this and we can heat the inside and cool the outside, just like a standard heat pump. All this while using less energy to move the refrigerant around the system than an alternative heating source such as resistive elements or fossil fuels. 
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