Calibrate Energy
500kw Fujitsu Heat Recovery System 
The Objective 
One of the largest buildings in Hamilton at eight storeys high, the mechanical servcies, heating and cooling requirements for this structure were complex. Calibrate Energy worked with the building owners to create a wish list of what they wanted to acheieve prior to implementing any changes to the structure. 
A system that will… 
Operate on heating and cooling at the same time 
Reduce maintenance costs 
Enable us to track energy usage per individual tenancy (there are 15 within the building) 
Reduce running costs - previously the mechanical systems cost £116,000 per annum 
Be cleaner and greener 
The Particulars 
Calibrate Energy spent time researching the existing system and working with suppliers to design a Heat Recovery system that, when combined with an revolutionary fresh air solution, would achieve the building owners wish list and pay for itself within 36 months. Calibrate Energy were further challenged as the building would be fully staffed during the retrofit to the new system. The team brainstormed to change working hours to 4:30am till 2pm and wherever possible only undertake noisy works outside of business hours. 
The Heat Recovery System 
Previously, the building was only able to be operated either all-on heating or all-on cooling (and in the shoulder months both full heating and full cooling at the same time!) What the building occupants required was a system that could heat some offices whilst simoultaneously cooling others. 
A traditional Heat pump cannot do this as all of the Heat pumps would have to either be on heating or all on cooling. With the new Fujitsu Heat Recovery system, the refrigerant is swapped between the indoor unit and an intelligent flow controller which distributes the heating and cooling throughout the building as it is required. This not only allows each individual user to choose the mode (heating or cooling) and the temperature but also saves in running costs as the outdoor unit and compressors are only required to run a small percentage of the time. 
This is demonstrated in the below diagram: 
This building required between 12 and 14 individual indoor units per floor running from two outdoor units. There is one computer system in the building which operates all of the units. Calibrate Energy have access to this computer from their office saving the end user time and labour costs. 
The Fresh Air system 
The fresh air that was previously supplied to this building was pre-heated with a 265 kilowatt output gas boiler. This is a very commonly used heating source for fresh air in Hamilton buildings and is hugely inefficient. 
The system now has one heatpump which has 4 kilowatts of input (the same energy usage as two toasters would have) and has an 18 kilowatt output. It is not hard to image the phenomenal cost savings here. 
Furthermore, the system is fitted with intelligent control system that responds to CO2 sensors installed throughout the building, regulating the fan speed of the fresh air system in accordance with these sensors. This results in a healthier, more productive working environment that costs less to run. 
The figures 
The installation of the Fresh Air and the Heat Recovery systems have reduced the running costs of this building from £116,000 per annum to £18,500 - a whopping saving of $97,500 per annum! On top of this the maintenance costs are 50% less as the system can be checked from the office and Calibrate Energy provides a monthly breakdown of the energy that each tenancy uses meaning that the building is now based on an undisputable 'user pays' system - this in turn has meant each individual business can monitor there consumption and make adjustments accordingly, further reducing there usage (and imagine the benefit to the actual building owners who now have a hands off approach to the energy usage) 
The next step in the process is to install Photovoltaic cells on the building roof to further offset costs to the building - watch this space 
This is one example of how Calibrate Energy can design an efficient and user friendly system on a large scale. Calibrate Energy have installed these Fujitsu systems with excellent results into offices with as few as 10 individual areas. If you have a workplace that would benefit from a more productive work environment, reduced running costs and more control of the temperature then contact the experts at Calibrate Energy for a friendly and complimentary appraisal. 
The Video Footage 
“Shane and his team have been great to deal with during the whole project, from management through to the guys on the ground they have communicated well and done an excellent job" 
Andrew Fletcher, Partner, Evans Bailey Lawyers, Level 7, 11 Garden Place. 
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