Calibrate Energy


This is where the team at CALIBRATE ENERGY sit ahead of the opposition as we have a wide range of knowledge and access to systems from 10kw – 
250kw that can meet 2 or 3 demands at the same time. An example of this is when you have a house (or commercial building) that requires heating and also a pool or hot water demand that requires heating as well. The solution is to have one unit that has 2 or 3 separate plate exchangers running individual circuits making the initial purchase more cost effective and also reducing maintenance and running costs. 
Further to this is a simultaneous heat and cool system that utilises the latent wasted energy source (ie cooling) and uses this for an application like a coolstore or dairy shed milk cooling – meaning you get one side of the system for free (ie heating) or if you like rather than having a COP of 3.2, you now have a COP of 6.4 (or 630% efficiency) as the heating side is free. 
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