Calibrate Energy


Commercial building heat recovery system 
The objective: To reduce the energy usage of a 7 storey office building and to standardize tenant allocations for the mechanical system costs. 
Upon visiting their site and installing electrical meters and various tracking equipment a full ENERGY AUDIT was carried out to ascertain the way forward to achieve their objective. 
The solution: to install a 500kw commercial Heat Recovery VRV system (Variable refrigerant volume) which gave each tenant individual heat and cool control of their office, also the system allocated specific usage to each tenant so the owners now have a user pays system instead of a ‘stab in the dark’ method to their usage. 
This project had its challenges as the building remained live with 200 people in it over a 7 month period where our in-house projects team installed this system with no delays and not one complaint which is a credit to the site management and upper management involved. The result is a state of the art computer operated system that can be controlled from offsite and any fault finding is done at a desk prior to engineers being despatched which saves the owners costs. 
The savings: The buildings running costs have been reduced from £116,000 per year to an unbelievable £18,500 – not to mention the initial investment being recouped in under 3 years. See case studies/NZI for the video clip of this project. 
NOTE: This survey was fully funded and the system has now been installed by us in multiple council buildings - we have many up and coming projects of this type. 




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