Calibrate Energy


An Energy Audit is when we visit your site (or work from plans) to ascertain measures we can implement to reduce your energy usage and/or increase your income stream through Renewable Energy solutions. As well as the initial consultation we have an on-going relationship with our clients to help streamline their processes and implement the on-going Renewable Energy strategic plan. 
At CALIBRATE ENERGY we have the skills to make a tangible difference to your site specific energy usage. Our in-house team with 87 years of industry knowledge are a formidable force when working out the best approach to harnessing the sites natural and mechanical energy sources and turning them into usable energy offsets and income producing revenue streams. This is the section of the company that we can often show 50-150% reductions in energy usage within the 1st month of application. 
Our ENERGY AUDIT surveys are comprehensive documents that show a cost versus savings analysis as well as the exact methodology to obtain your objectives. We then work on a step by step process to achieve the desired result that fits in with your budget and timeframes, all the while utilising as many grants and tariffs as possible to offset your long term cost. What we do differently is that we do not only design your system, we can install it as well which means one point of contact for you for your whole project. 
We have access to the entire body of mainstream funding as well as some site specific one off funding for more complex solutions, as well as partial and full grants for high end R & D projects. 




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