Calibrate Energy


Ground Source Heat Pumps use the natural energy stored in the earth to heat your home. This is achieved through the system having a water based 
plate exchanger on the cold side of the system that pumps the water into the earth through closed loop pipes at a specific depth to maintain 7-10c. Alternatively we can utilise boreholes or natural springs and underground aquifers. 
Ground Source Heat Pumps behave in a similar way to Air Source Heat Pumps efficiency wise (COP of 3.2 - 5.2) albeit over the whole year Ground Source Heat Pumps are more efficient as the winter temperatures don’t vary as much under the ground. The only downside to Ground Source Heat Pumps is the initial installation cost and as the efficiency and technology of the Air Source Heat Pumps systems keeps increasing Ground Source Heat Pumps will become less feasible due to cost vs benefit. 
All Ground Source Heat Pumps that CALIBRATE ENERGY install qualify for the RHI and with savings of over 60% per annum on your home heating they are a viable, easy alternative to fossil fuel heating. On top of this most systems qualify for the green deal or carbon trust loan making it easy to finance the systems for your home. 
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