Calibrate Energy


Calibrate Energy is a multi-award winning family business based in the Northeast, with national consultancy and installation coverage. Calibrate Energy was established in 2005 primarily as a Specialist Heat Pump company when the technology was in its infancy. The original company was sold as a 12-staff ongoing concern and the Directors relocated to the Northeast where they have expanded their services to include Energy Audits, Heatpumps and Photovoltaic Cells. 
Our Aim 
We will provide customers with Specialist renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuel heating. We consult, design, install and maintain systems to provide complete customer satisfaction whilst maintaining our aim of sustainable long-term energy efficiency. Firstly, we provide a comprehensive report detailing your solution and the funding available. 
We offer common-sense, objective advice on domestic and commercial renewable energy installations. This includes: 
Desktop Energy assessments. 
Consultation work on Heatpumps and PV. 
Site assessment to consider possibilities for a range of technologies that qualify for incentives and feed in tariffs 
Estate and commercial ‘Energy Audit’ surveys 
A tangible 'benefits versus cost' analysis with our recommendations to help us discuss the best solution with you 
Providing on going guidance on Government subsidies and grants. 
Advice on Energy planning and associated regulations 
Independent guidance on system specification and purchase 
Providing installation and/or project management to completion. 
Providing finance solutions to cover the cost of investing in renewable technology , in most cases no money down. 




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