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Calibrate Energy has handpicked industry leaders to provide a high level of service and workmanship to our clients. Access to local and nationwide subsidies across the energy efficiency sector means it is our job to provide you with an easy solution to a complex problem. 
With a combined 87 years (that’s scary!) of specialist energy sector work we are 100% confident we have the expertise for your solution. 
Shane McDonald 
Internationally recognized industry leader in innovation within the Energy Efficiency Sector, Shane McDonald is a qualified Industrial 
Refrigeration and Controls Engineer. A qualification that has been built upon throughout his 18 years within the industry, Shane has project managed many large industrial sites from the dairy sector through to underground mine installations, his speciality is taking complex scenarios and then designing various complementary systems to service those requirements in a straight forward, easy to understand method. 
With a passion for innovation Shane has previously piloted many ground breaking projects into his home country of New Zealand enabling kiwis to benefit from the best of the world’s energy efficiency technology. As a recongised leader within his industry he has chaired and been invited onto industry training and development bodies and has been pivotal in the development of health and safety and legislation for this industry. 
Shane combined his passions for training and innovation within the heatpump industry to create Heatpump Airconditioning Specialists ltd in 2005 - a business he and his wife Susie co- founded and developed into a multi-million enterprise renowned for their ability to provide cost effective Energy solutions which they sold as an ongoing concern in March 2012. 
Now as a British resident Shane has combined his wealth of existing knowledge and expertise with the UK’s energy efficiency market and funding opportunities to provide UK residents with a comprehensive solution to their increasing energy costs. 
Within Calibrate Energy Shane is responsible for creating a winning team, design and project management. It is Shane’s expertise that will allow the most complex of jobs to be managed in an efficient and understandable manner. 
Susie McDonald 
Susie is a passionate leader who is delighted to have returned home to be part of the Northumberland business community. 
After having experienced all the amazing aspects of the Northumberland lifestyle she is extremely dedicated to the motivation and development of local people running local businesses. 
Susie lived in New Zealand from August 2006 to July 2012, during this time she has built a business from foundation to 12 staff and a multi-million turnover with 30% growth year on year, Susie implemented a management structure to enable her to move into more of a governance role and step out of the business for months at a time. Susie dedicated these years to expanding her business knowledge through seminars, studying, consulting and working as a business development manager for a company with 30 staff coaching some of New Zealand’s leading property sales agents. As a public speaker Susie targeted a wide variety of audiences with the common goal of ‘Growth’. 
Susie is passionate about people and is an extremely driven individual. She operates with integrity which creates an honest working environment; is skilled at motivating staff and creating action in the workplace. 
Within Calibrate Energy Susie is responsible for business development and marketing. 




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