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Heat pumps are by far the most cost effective form of heating for swimming pools, this is without even taking in to consideration the new RHI available. 
At CALIBRATE ENERGY we have installed over 100 pool systems ranging from a 10kw open air system to an award winning 200kw commercial Dual purpose Pool and Air Heating system with full heat recovery. All of our pool systems come with titanium heat exchangers and are a bespoke design incorporating all the site specific factors to make it the most energy efficient system available to the market. Quite often there is the opportunity to run more than one circuit off a singular heat pump (using a second or third heat plate exchanger). This enables the owner to have other specific demands such as office heating or ultimately a cooling demand as this doubles the COP from 3.2 to 6.4 (the cooling side now being free) See here for more info. 
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